With Donald Trump as President Elect and pretty much half of the country losing their collective heads, I still think the USA is an incredibly great country for entrepreneurs.

Soon after the Election and the Canadian immigration website crashing, I’ve been asking myself: Did any of the fundamental reasons for me to like to US change? Yes, some, but most of them are way to focused on the macro perspective – and Donald Trump is a temporary micro perspective for me. To clarify my background: I’m a German exchange student studying at University of California, Riverside. Since I can think I wanted to come to the US. Why? Because I was always inspired by entrepreneurship and it drew me to the US like a fly to a light. I was and still am fully convinced that the United States are the greatest country in the world for aspiring entrepreneurs – even if the economic and political landscape may change. Let me focus on the most important aspects in this article.


The United States are young and naive.

This includes all Americans as a sum in a kind of unified intelligence and not necessarily every American as an individual. Now you might ask yourself:

“Why is this a good thing?!”

Well, first and foremost – it isn’t. It’s not about a culture being perfect, but it still changing. As mentioned before, I’m from Germany, which is a very old country in terms of culture and tradition. We have been around for quite some time and our culture and traditions had a lot of time to become old and rusty. We have had some crazy history too, but we are more like an elderly person compared to the US. We may have a lot of wisdom and do many things right in comparison to a twenty-year old, but there are some important drawbacks to that:

Less flexibility, adaptability, willingness to accept new ideas or try out new things. This is totally fine, since we are an established country, but in the long run I am convinced that the “twenty-year old” will have more potential to grow.

You need the freedom to do stupid (not devastating) things in order to grow and learn from your experiences and I still refuse to believe that Donald Trump will have that devastating of an impact in the long haul. If you always do the same like you did for the last thousand years, then well, maybe you are on the safe side, but you also won’t achieve a lot. Every country can fail with new ideas, but this is no reason to never be open for change anymore. If you cross the street everyday in your life and then got hit by a car, will you stop crossing it? No. Will you be more careful: Heck, yes. Will you learn from it: Probably, yes.

The US don’t really have that deep of a culture if you compare it to most of Europe countries, and that’s good! So many people are full of entrepreneurial spirit and the hunger for innovation, which feeds off of flexibility and the lack of rusty tradition. Of course, there will always be “the average”, which may not be that entrepreneurial or open for change – but the portion of entrepreneurs and those people supporting it is definitely higher than in most other countries. This is mainly because large parts of the US embrace boldness and entrepreneurial risk, instead of fearing and demonizing it.

The President can’t change your personality.

Whether you identify yourself with President Elect, Donald Trump or not. It doesn’t matter for your personality. It can certainly make things harder for you, but it shouldn’t change your mindset. The president will be there for a few years and yes, he can change a lot, but at the end he has to comply with human rights and at least a big part of the population. There will be highs and lows, over and over again. Maybe Trump will give the economy a boost or maybe he will make it weaker, but in the long run the country will grow. Don’t just take my word but also read what Warren Buffet said.

Even if I’m not a US citizen: nobody can really do anything about the results right now. You should stand together with your country and try not to divide everything more than it already has been. Don’t spread hatred – spread compassion and understanding. Give him a chance. And if he doesn’t take it, then disagree forcefully, but peaceful and respectful. One major aspect of the US was the peaceful transfer of power, no matter how dirty the election was. You forgot? Yes, there were a lot of dirty elections before which divided the nation.  This is not the first time something like this happened.

If you were against Trump: The country probably won’t blow up in the long run. If you were for Trump: He will probably not do any miracles, but that’s okay. Don’t expect it. Try to work on yourself in order to get the country you would like to live in. Don’t just put all your hopes into the president. You are your country.

Your president just represents you, so you should be the best version of yourself.

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